Wednesday, 30 September 2015


I'm going to be brutally honest right now which may lead to judgment from a lot of girls but I am not the biggest wearer of jewellery. I feel like it seems to take up enough of my time to get an outfit together that both looks nice and I feel like wearing so once I have figured out the clothes I'll be wearing it seems like a massive task again to think of what jewellery I am going to put with it to finish off the look. Don't get me wrong, I have my Tiffany's, my Vivienne Westwood, my pandora and I do love it all but I feel like I don't wear it enough to justify the price of it. Most of the jewellery I tend to wear is very fashion and season orientated, I will buy something, wear it for a few weeks and then it gets forgotten about in the back of my jewellery boxes. This is why eBay has become my best friend. 

I can find so much jewellery on eBay that I love, from delicate rose gold bracelets to chunky statement necklaces, It has everything and all at the cheapest prices. Seen as though I am constantly going on and off my accessories I don't necessarily look for top quality or pieces that will last for years and yes, there have been dainty necklaces I have bought of eBay where a link has come lose but it's quick to fix and for £1 I couldn't expect anything more and yet I am still impressed with what I buy. Anyway, I will leave it to the products and prices to do the talking for me so here's a few of my favourite pieces I've recently bought from eBay .

 eBay, Jewellery, Delicate, Fine, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Crystal, Bangle, Cuff, Nail, Screw head, Cartier, Necklace, Pendant, Dream Catcher, 4 chain, Double Chain, Accessory,

Nail Bangles £0.99          Screw Head Bangle (with + without crystal) - £1.79  

eBay, Jewellery, Delicate, Fine, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Crystal, Bangle, Cuff, Nail, Screw head, Cartier, Necklace, Pendant, Dream Catcher, 4 chain, Double Chain, Accessory, Arrow, Wings, Coin, Blue, Beads

eBay, Jewellery, Delicate, Fine, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Crystal, Bangle, Cuff, Nail, Screw head, Cartier, Necklace, Pendant, Dream Catcher, 4 chain, Double Chain, Accessory, Arrow, Wings, Coin, Blue, Beads

eBay, Jewellery, Delicate, Fine, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Crystal, Bangle, Cuff, Nail, Screw head, Cartier, Necklace, Pendant, Dream Catcher, 4 chain, Double Chain, Accessory, Arrow, Wings, Coin, Blue, Beads

There are quite a few different sellers on ebay that sell all these items and all the prices vary. I bought the blue beaded gold chains necklace and the screw head bangles for cheaper than stated here but those listings have finished so if you have a browse on eBay before buying then you may be able to find them cheaper. I honestly love all these items and I have many more on my wish list that I will hopefully be ordering soon. There are also lots of chunky statement necklaces that are £10-£20 in the shops and are only a couple of pound on eBay which are great options for some stocking fillers for christmas! 

Let me know if you have found any great bargain buys on eBay and tell me your faves!

Sunday, 20 September 2015


make up, mac, lipstick, lippy, lip colour, myth, please me, velvet teddy, taupe, neutral nude, muted rosy, tinted pink, muted red, beige, matte

I've been on a bit of an indulgent shopping spree lately deciding that everything I have been putting on my wish list for the last couple of months i would just go ahead and order, my excuse being that i feel unorganised if I have things unchecked on any lists I make. Clever excuse hey! 

make up, mac, lipstick, lippy, lip colour, myth, please me, velvet teddy, taupe, neutral nude, muted rosy, tinted pink, muted red, beige, matte

Anyway, a girls indulgent wish list inevitably lead to mac lipsticks being bought and of course, I love every single one. I am normally so predictable with my lip colours and have been annoying myself lately thinking I need to buy some different colours and only once I lined my new lippys up did I become pleasantly surprised with myself. These are probably the biggest range in lip colours I have bought for a long time so I thought I'd share with you what I've bought and it might help if you are stuck in a bit of a lippy colour rut yourself. 

make up, mac, lipstick, lippy, lip colour, myth, please me, velvet teddy, taupe, neutral nude, muted rosy, tinted pink, muted red, beige, matte
Left to Right - Myth, Please Me, Velvet Teddy, Taupe

Myth  Light neutral nude - For months I was looking for a perfect nude lipstick and couldn't find one so I eventually gave in and realised that I had to go to mac and I knew that they would be able to sort me out and of course they did. This is the perfect colour nude for me as it isn't too yellowy and doesn't make me look washed out. The only problem I have had with it is that I sometimes find that it doesn't sit properly on my lips and seems to move about. I think this might partly be because I'm used to matte lipsticks though so I just put a little bit of translucent powder on top of it and problem solved.

Please Me  Muted-rosy-tinted pink - I haven't bought such a girly colour in a long time and it took a while to get used to at first but once i adjusted it actually just looked like quite a natural healthy lip colour. My lips are always pale because of my circulation and my mum constantly tell me to put a colour on my lips because they make my look like I'm ill. Now its problem solved, it gives my whole face more colour and I sometimes use my brown lip liner underneath so it's not quite as bright but with a browner blush and darker eyes it has actually made me enjoy wearing pinks again. 

Velvet Teddy  Deep-tone beige (Matte) -  This is most definitely my new favourite lipstick! I want to wear it everyday. As soon as mac released it I knew it was a good colour for me but I didn't quite realise how good it would look on. It goes with pretty much every make up and fashion look you can come up with because its on the same palette as most nudes. Also it sits perfectly on your lips and is long wearing. I would be surprised if I came across someone who didn't like this lipstick. 

Taupe  Muted reddish-taupe brown (Matte) - have had a long loving relationship with this lipstick and yet I have only just bought it. My friend has had this lipstick for a while now and every time I go out with her I would always end wiping off whatever I had on and using taupe instead. I never tire of it's colour. It somehow always makes the rest of my mac up look flawless and gives that extra bit of a polished look from the simplest make up to the boldest. The colour doesn't seem as dark on the lips as looks on this picture but that totally depends on the colour of lip liner you use underneath. Once again this lipstick stays on your lips for hours. 

make up, mac, lipstick, lippy, lip colour, myth, please me, velvet teddy, taupe, neutral nude, muted rosy, tinted pink, muted red, beige, matte

All the lipsticks here are £15.50 and all links are included above. Everyone knows you can't go very wrong when it comes to buying/wearing mac lipsticks but I always think it's so hard to find what colour I want to buy because they sell so many and are constantly churning out more but I hope this helps some of you narrow down your search. What shades are are your favouite? Which ones have you found best suit paled skin gals like me? And what lippys are on new onto your wishlist? 

Sunday, 6 September 2015


happiness, life, relationships, people, gravitate towards you, sunsets, quotes, inspirational

I have always loved trying to help people with relationships as strange as this may sound. If you have read some other posts about me then you will know that I have been interested in animal behaviour since I was young and still to this day I will watch animals and questions what they might be thinking or feeling, and I think because of that it has made me just as interested in human behaiour. From a young age I remember getting told that I was quite a deep person and seemed more mature than many my age and therefore being told that I would make a good councillor or therapist. I have no idea why this has been the case if I'm honest. But it has lead to me wanting to write this post. 

I find that relationships always seem to be the trickiest thing in life yet they should be so simple. They can be the greatest thing or the worst. They can make lives and destroy lives. I got out of a relationship last year with someone who was my best friend. It was the most simple, relaxed and fun relationship I could of asked for. I have always been quite a laid back person, I didn't let things bother me easily and I always try to look at things from the other persons point of view which always help me to understand and rationalise a situation. Towards the end of the relationship I didn't do that anymore. I would put pressure on him to spend time with me, I would hold back my feelings about situations that would make me lash out later at something stupid and just basically turned into a bit of a crappy girlfriend. The more I acted like this the less he would want to spend time with me (who would want to spend time with a person like that?) and then I would get wound up again for acting so annoying and for not spending time with him and it just escalated. I was sure he didn't want to be with me anymore but told him that I wouldn't be the one to end it, I wanted him to be honest with me and break it off and I would accept that. After eventually finishing it myself I then got into another relationship not long after (I swear that relationships aren't normally my thing!) and I was put in my ex's exact position in my new relationship making me understand everything that had happened in my first relationship. 

Since these both of these relationships I have learnt three, what I feel are, massive lessons in relationships and ones I will always try and live by from now on - 

thinking, complicates, relationships, happiness, love, express, feeling, life, quotes, inspirational, r.m.drake, lana del ray, steve maraboli

ONE - Don't put too much pressure on relationships. 

I don't mean just with your partner but with any relationship in your life. I put too much pressure on my boyfriend to telepathically know what I wanted, to want to always spend time with me, to do something romantic and that is what led to my anger. I was angry that he wasn't doing things that I hadn't asked for. When I turned it round in my head I knew for a fact that I wouldn't just know what he wanted without him asking and I knew that I would of been so happy for him to just ask me if he wanted me to do something. I have done the exact same thing with friends and family. I don't like confrontation and I don't like people knowing that something has bothered me so when someone has done something that has hurt or upset me or if I am feeling lonely I have tried to cover it up which has then led to me expecting them to apologise or to ask to spend time with me and I have inevitably gotten upset when they haven't which has put stresses and strains on many relationships. A lot of disapointment in life can be avoided if you don't expect (at least not too much). I could of avoided them all if I have not expected these things but instead just been honest with them, which leads onto my next lesson. 

TWO - Be honest and open. 

Okay so this sounds like an obvious one, but yet it seems to be one that people don't take seriously enough. I don't just mean, don't lie or cheat or whatever else people might get up to but I mean be honest about how you are feeling or what you want. Most feelings are passing, not one is supposed to stay, they are fleeting and will change from minute to minute but when you feel a lingering emotion about something then confront it. Many times you will believe that it won't last or that it's stupid and you don't need to deal with it and many times that will be true but there are occasions when that isn't the case. I am quite a closed person and kind of enjoy hiding my feelings because it makes me look like such a fun and happy person to other people but in the end it ruins my own happiness which makes it sooo not worth it. If you have a problem with someone or something or are feeling lonely or upset, tell someone. If there's a specific person in the situation then tell them how you are feeling, it doesn't need to be a big deal or become an argument but just let them know what's going on with you and more often than not they will be thankful for your honesty and they will come through for you. I promise you they would much rather prefer this than for you to blow up at them on a later date because you have let it build up inside you. Just like you would prefer it if the tables were turned. 

THREE - Why will we allow things for others that we wouldn't allow for ourselves?

We allow, in fact love people being honest with us yet we won't allow ourselves to be open and honest with other people because we don't want to bother or burden them. We allow and think its perfectly acceptable for people to ask us for things yet we don't allow ourselves to ask others for things. We allow and feel trusted if people cry in front of us or share their problems with us yet we don't think its ok for us to cry in front of people or annoy people with our problems. We don't allow ourselves enough things in life. Things that will help us be happier and make life more enjoyable for us. We worry too much what other people will think rather than thinking about ourselves. Its ok to be selfish, infact at times its a great thing to be selfish! The outcome of you doing so? Your happier and you feel closer to you friends and family because you have shared things with them. And if someone doesn't like it? Then sod them. You don't need people in your life that don't want anything but your happiness.

finger people, friends, relationships, don't expect, expectations, in love, ruins relationships, quotes, inspirational

I am in no way, an expert in this department and some of you may relate to this and some of you might think this is utter jibberish. Everyone learns different lessons at different times in life and you can learn about many life lessons that only truly make sense decades later when you go through a situation where the lesson comes to light. To be honest this post is just one of those selfish things for me. I enjoy talking and writing about life and so I thought I'd share my thoughts with you guys. Thanks for reading and sticking with me through all that rambling. Also get in touch and share with me any lessons you've learnt over the years. 

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Thursday, 3 September 2015


leibster, award, blogs, blogging, discover

I'm incredibly thankful for being nominated for the Leibster Award and in shock that I've been nominated twice. I have to give a massive thank you to both veepetitstresors and megan alice for nominating me. Now onto everything else involved with being nominated. I'm so excited to do this as it gives me an excuse to share some things about myself with you all and to find some stuff out about all of you as well so I hope you enjoy!  

liebster award rules
  • Once nominated, make a post thanking and linking your nominator’s blog.
  • Include the Liebster Award’s sticker in the post as well (you can copy it from above).
  • Nominate 10 other new bloggers that have 200 or less followers who you think are worthy of this award and include their links in your post. Also, make sure that you let them know they’ve been nominated by commenting on one of their posts. You can nominate the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the 10 questions asked to you by your nominator (these questions should be on their post). And make 10 questions of your own for your nominees to answer.
  • Finally, copy these rules onto your post.
veespetitstresors' questions - 

If you could do anything you wanted right now, what would it be?
Fly to LA. I'm always wishing I could go back there! 
Where do you most want to travel, but have never been?
Africa. mainly Uganda and Tanzania. I really want to experience african culture and I love animals so where best to see them!? 

What does your perfect day look like?
Winters day: going for a long walk on the beach with my boyfriend, going home, having a cuppa by the fire and watching a movie (I don't actually have a boyfriend though so thats problematic)
Summers day: Going on the beach with family, especially my little cousins, and playing games all day then going to a nice beer garden in the evening with friends. 

If you were to create a piece of art, what would the subject be?
ooo that's a tough one, I'm quite simple when it comes to art and love just looking at it for the beauty rather than abstract pieces that can bring out thoughts or emotions but if I had to create a piece myself then it would probably be based on nature in some way, and I also always love to draw and paint horses and cats.         

How would your friends describe you?
Sarcastic, Honest, Confident, Bubbly, Mad.

Do you have any pets and if so what are they?
Unfortunately no. My childhood dog died last year and my dad sold our horses this year so for now I look after and walk lots of other people pets but I'm still searching for the next perfect dog for us. 

What do you love the most about blogging?
I actually love so many more things about it than I ever thought I would. If I have to narrow it down though I would have to say i just love the writing, no matter what about, Its like a kind of therapy for me. 

Who is your favourite bogger/youtuber and why?
I'm not sure if i have a particular favourite, I'm constantly coming across ones that i find new and exciting things on but two of the most recent I've come across that I love are these two - 

Couture Girl - I get really interested in blogs when their posts are quite varied and don't always stick to one subject. Couture girl does exactly that. She covers all things I'm interested in, beauty, fashion, organisation, lifestyle and much more, I always find something interesting to read on this blog! 

Babs Beauty - Her make up completely explains why I love her. All her looks are beautiful and her videos are so easy to follow. 

What have you found the hardest with blogging so far?
Taking photos! One of my cameras has broke and my other camera has a broken battery and my phone is a bit messed up as well so Isn't taking the best photos so It's been hard to get good pictures. 

Tell me a random fact about you!
I'm hypermobile so all my joints can bend the opposite way. Although its messed up my body in ways it has also made me very good at yoga and gymnastics! Always a silver lining.

megan alice's questions - 

Have you been/are you going anywhere this Summer? If so, where?
I have been over to Hamburg, Germany to visit my friend who moved over there last year and we did a night in Berlin. Normally I have a few trips planned each summer but its been a pretty boring one this year! 

What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?
At the moment its blogging! But other than that I love to do yoga or as boring as it sounds I love to organise the house in someway. Nothing wrong with being a little OCD! (I hope)

If you could move anywhere in the world, where would you move?
CALIFORNIA! Anywhere in the LA region and I would be a very happy girl. I spent a month their on an acting course when I was 16 and never wanted to leave. 

If money wasn't an issue, what would you do/buy?
Travel in style to as many places as I can get to. Set up some kind of animal rescue centre for exotic animals. Then put my all into an acting career and indulge in some really nice cars, I've already decided on the ones I'm getting! If you believe you will receive.... or just dare to dream hey. 

You have one wish, what do you wish for? (It cannot be for more wishes.) 
For every illness in the world to be cured. Illness holds me back the most in life and most people are directly or indirectly affected by an illness. I think life would be a lot more enjoyable for everyone if we didn't have that worry. 

Do you like to read? If so, what is your favourite book?
I love to read, If I'm honest though, I don't think I have a favourite book. I do love the 'uglies' series by Scott Westerfield. They are quite simple books to read but I love the concept involved. 

What has been your favourite thing about having a blog since you started it? 
Same as above I think, just being able to write! Especially being ill I'm stuck at home a lot so Its perfect to keep me productive and yet still be able to do something I really enjoy. 

What is your favourite animal?
Oh dear, don't get me talking about animals. I'm in love with dogs, they always make me happy. I also love the trust you can built with a horse but for amazement I think I love monkeys and apes. Theres so many breeds of monkeys and apes that I find fascinating and would love a little cuddle with of course!

Where do you want to be in five years time?
I would want to be living in LA and be able to earn a living from acting and hopefully still be blogging. Other aspects of my life I'm not so sure on! 

What do you love most about your family?
How loving, supportive and entertaining they are. I have never had a birthday I didn't want to spend with them because they are incredibly fun people and our christmas traditions I couldn't live without. Most of all though I love that the majority of my family are incredibly proud and loving. I'm so thankful for all my family, My parents, My brother, My grandparents, My Uncles and Aunties and all my cousins. They have all made me who I am today and I will always love them for it!

10 questions for my nominee's 

1.   Do you speak any other languages? If not, would you like to?

2.   Who is your favourite music artist?

3.   If you could buy 1 thing in the world right now what would it be?

4.   What is your favourite quality in a person?

5.   Where in the world would you love to be right now?

6.   What is your favourite childhood memory?

7.   Who is the one person in the world you would love to meet and why? (dead or alive) 

8.   What is one weird fact about you?

9.   Who or what is your favourite thing in your life?

10.  What quality do you like most about yourself?

I have really enjoyed doing this post so thank you again for the nominations and for all the fab questions. Hope the rest of you have fun doing this and please all let me know when your posts are up!